The Bloc Pot is a political party in the province of Quebec, Canada, that is dedicated to ending cannabis prohibition and setting the ground for a more sensible and comprehensive drug policy. Since 1998, the Bloc Pot has contested two general elections and several by-elections. In 2000, its members helped launch the Marijuana Party of Canada in order to lobby the federal government more efficiently.

1. Propose an official non-intervention policy for Quebec – Adopt an official police and judicial non-intervention policy for cases involving simple possession (30 grams or less), cultivation (for personal use) and trafficking (5 grams or less) of marijuana or hashish. Create a permanent parliamentary commission to oversee public interests in matters concerning cannabis. This commission would handle all aspects of cannabis (recreational, medical, industrial…) Use all legal means available to promote this message and develop pressure tactics to incite public and private organisations in taking an official stance.

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