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Hugo St-Onge is convinced he has the winning conditions for his looming "reeferendum." His Bloc Pot party, set to run 50 to 65 candidates in the March 26 election, is organizing the online plebiscite on the legalization of marijuana in Quebec.

CBC News, February 24, 2007 | 8:36 PM ET

Quebec's pro-weed political party the Bloc Pot kicked off its provincial election campaign with a call for a "reeferendum" on marijuana use.

The so-called fringe party called on Quebecers to share their opinion in an online survey about legalizing marijuana.

The Mirror, 24 mars 2005
By Patrick Lejtenyi

With the decriminalization debate, the Mayerthorpe killings, former Marijuana Party chief Marc-Boris St-Maurice's defection to the Liberals, and his current legal battles, confused pot aficionados may want to hear some straight talk about their favourite weed.

Ska fans upset about the recent closing of Stomp Records' Latin Quarter store may find some solace when they find a cannabis café there by late September. The city's pot politics braintrust - the provincial Bloc Pot and the federal Marijuana Party - will be opening the space for weed aficionados to meet, spark, smoke and discuss the current state of drug laws, right in the middle of one of the busiest and most tourist-friendly neighbourhoods in the city.

Despite adversity, Quebec's Bloc Pot party challenges the system in Provincial election

Canada's first pro-pot political party, Quebec's Bloc Pot, celebrated their fifth anniversary battling biased press, rigged all-candidates meetings, crooked cops, and undemocratic voting requirements during Quebec's recent provincial election, held April 14, 2003.